The Pivot

RateSwitch changes direction 🔄

Lee Flavin
3 min readMay 24, 2020
A ‘pivot’ is a when a startup company changes their business strategy to test a new approach

Some followers might have noticed that we’ve not been actively promoting RateSwitch via our social media channels in recent months.

The service was launched just over four years ago (time flies!) to alert homeowners to the simplicity of switching to better interest rates through their current mortgage lender, without the intervention of credit scoring or lengthy affordability assessments.

And the concept of hassle-free, same-day switching has proved to be incredibly popular – we’ve successfully reduced thousands of people’s monthly mortgage payments with relative ease, and we continue to do so on a daily basis (you can read our Trustpilot reviews here).

But the issue with any mortgage switching service is that interest rate renewals only come around every few years, so it’s difficult to interact with customers from one year to the next.

So we decided to build a free service to help homeowners take time off their mortgage (arguably our most precious commodity), which in turn can result in saving thousands of pounds in interest.

Accelerate My Mortgage uses the same principle as cashback websites like Quidco or TopCashback, but the key difference is that every penny earned from everyday retail purchases is automatically paid off your mortgage balance as regular overpayments.

We built it because a mortgage is by far the largest financial commitment most of us will ever take on during our lifetime, and making regular overpayments is the only proven way to pay it off faster.

Every time one is made, daily interest stops building up on the amount almost immediately. Because of this, every £1 overpaid on your mortgage can be worth significantly more.

We’ve officially partnered with over fifty of the UK’s leading brands, including, Boots, Groupon,, John Lewis, Moonpig, Sports Direct and Trainline, and the list is growing by the week (you can view all of them here).

It’s fair to say that the concept was well-received when we officially launched the service in February, with thousands of homeowners signing up in record time following mass media coverage from Mortgage Solutions, The Sun, The Mirror, The Times, Love Money, Which?, This is Money and Ideal Home.

What’s the catch?


There isn’t one.

We don’t take a cut of the retailer cashback you accumulate because we’re able to make money by switching you onto a better interest rate when your renewal comes around (lenders pay us commission when we do this). We’ve simply replicated our proven rate switching model, and this allows us to operate as a fee-free service.

We’re confident that Accelerate My Mortgage will go on to shape the way homeowners manage their mortgage forever.

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